Alcohol and other drugs

Our alcohol and other drugs (AOD) program focuses on commissioning services for those most in need, and in areas with greatest need.

The health impacts of alcohol and other drugs are wide-ranging, complex and can often intersect with other aspects of physical and mental health. Harms related to substance use and misuse may also be impacted by social determinants such as income, housing, culture and isolation.

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) uses data, subject expertise provided through consultation and direct input from those with lived experience to identify gaps in AOD treatment service delivery. These gaps may include what services are available, or in the geographical spread of service providers.

Having conducted these analyses, we use available funding and policy directives to collaborate with other public and private agencies and people with lived experience to design, deliver and evaluate programs that respond to identified needs. Periodic and rigorous review ensures that NWMPHN-enabled services remain safe, accessible and professional.

Our work in this field is coordinated by the Priority Populations, Health and Wellbeing team, which is part of our Service Development and Reform Business Unit.

People who require treatment, information or advice for alcohol and other drug related issues may contact DirectLine 24/7 on 1800 888 236.

Discover more about our AOD programs in north and west Melbourne below.