People Bank

We believe that people who use the health care system should have a say in how it works.

Our People Bank aims to represent the diversity of people in our region – you can register now.

We also believe that health care is better and our community is healthier when you are involved in planning, designing and evaluating health services.

Join our People Bank and together we can make health care better.

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Want to know more about what we do? Read our What is a PHN? flyer (.pdf).

About our People Bank

People Bank is a register of people who would like to help us to improve the health of people in the north, west and central Melbourne area. Everyone in our community is welcome to join.

As a People Bank member, you will receive emails about opportunities to help us with our work. This may include taking part in:

  • advisory groups, committees and steering groups
  • focus groups and working groups
  • forums, events and workshops
  • online activities (such as email, surveys, online forums and social media)
  • tender evaluation panels.

You can choose which activities you take part in. To get the most out of People Bank, we encourage you to take part in at least one activity per year.

There is no cost to join People Bank. People Bank offers payment for some activities. Interpreters will be made available for you if needed.

Photo of Ken, a member of our People Bank, sitting in an armchair at home.
Ken is proud to be a member of our PeopleBank – watch Ken’s story below.

When you join People Bank, you will be given the option to subscribe to our community newsletter, My Health My Voice.

If you have any questions about People Bank please email or call 03 9347 1188.

People Bank stories

Ken’s story

Ken first became involved with our People Bank through a suicide prevention forum. Although nervous at first, Ken soon embraced the opportunity to contribute to the way health care programs and services are designed.

“It needs the contribution of people that have had the experience, but it also needs the willingness of the bureaucracy and the organisation – not necessarily to agree…but to at least consider it.”

Watch Ken’s story below.

Julie’s story

Julie joined our People Bank because she wanted to help others learn from her experiences managing her chronic diseases. She was also keen to learn more about and influence other aspects of health care in our region.

“I’ve had diabetes for a long time, I have heart issues; I’ve got a couple of chronic diseases that I’ve had to learn a lot about and make the right decisions. So, I think if I can help others with that, I should.

“[But] you’re involved in so many more things. I like that – it’s not just chronic diseases, it’s other things, and you cover such a broad side of town as well.”

Watch Julie’s story below.

2020 Community Feedback Report

 Read our report on the review of People Bank, our website and other PHN resources.

Recent community achievements: dying well

In December 2018, people from across Melbourne’s north west came together to share different viewpoints and reached a shared position on what dying well looks like. Their recommendations will be used to help plan and design better care and services to improve end-of-life care and palliative support for people living in our region. Watch a summary of this project below.