Our vision for primary care

Our vision is for a primary care system that is person-centred, comprehensive, coordinated, accessible, high-quality and safe.

Supporting primary care providers

We aim to help people stay well by supporting providers to deliver better, more accessible primary care in Melbourne’s inner, north and west.

To do this, we are working with general practices and other providers to achieve our vision of a primary care system that is:

  • person-centred
  • comprehensive
  • coordinated
  • accessible
  • high-quality and safe.

While we acknowledge that improvements to the Australian health care system must be made to help achieve this vision, we are committed to achieving it.

A better primary care system

Graphic of person-centred care featuring patients in the middle surrounded by various types of health care providers.
Patients should be supported by a collaborative network of health care providers.

Person-centred care is tailored for the person and is provided in partnership with them. People, families and communities are respected, informed, engaged, supported and treated with dignity and compassion.

Comprehensive care supports and recognises the impact of physical, mental and social needs on a person’s goals, needs and is clinically appropriate.

Coordinated care is organised across the system by a care team that works and communicates effectively together and with the person to improve their health and wellbeing.

Accessible care is appropriate, affordable and can be accessed where and when it is needed.

High-quality and safe care is evidence-based, aligns with best-practice and is continuously improved to maintain excellence and ensure optimal experience and outcomes.

Our role

We are a capability builder, ensuring primary care providers can access the best education, tools and resources. We promote primary care as a rewarding career path. Examples of this work include our data-driven quality improvement and education and training programs, and our best practice clinical tool HealthPathways Melbourne.

We are a communicator, delivering timely and relevant localised information to health care providers. We provide evidence-based, accessible information to inform and empower our diverse communities. Examples of this work include our General Practice Update, Primary Care Events Update and regular updates on topics such as COVID-19 and other emergencies.

We are a champion, advocating for primary care as the foundation for a high-performing and sustainable health system. This includes influencing state and federal investment in primary care and advocating for more flexible workforce models through our work with our expert advisory groups, community and clinical councils and other subject matter experts.

We are a commissioner, commissioning co-designed local and regional solutions to address service gaps, better integrate health care and ensure equitable access. Examples of this work include our Doctors in Secondary Schools, Pharmacists in General Practice and Homebound COVID-19 Vaccination programs.

We are a coordinator, fostering strong partnerships and collaborations across local, state and federal governments – between primary health, acute and specialist services. Examples of this work include the Victorian HIV and Hepatitis Training and Learning program, The Collaborative and many other partnerships.

Achieving our vision

We are always listening to the primary care professionals, their support teams, and the people living in our region about changes that are needed across the health care system. From this consultation, we believe that the following improvements are required to achieve our vision.

  • Strengthened relationships between patients, carers and health care providers to build health literacy and individual agency to stay well, connected and out of hospital.
  • Supported, empowered and sustainable workforce to operate at the top of their scope within a culture that values interdisciplinary care.
  • Technology-enabled innovations in care delivery, which support improved communication and collaboration between primary care, hospitals, and patients.
  • Cross-sector collaboration between health and social care services for a seamless care journey and best use of health care resources.
  • Policy and funding reorientated for value-based comprehensive and preventative care.

We know that these changes are not easy, but with health care providers, governments and communities working together, we can make them.

More information

Download a copy of Our Vision for Primary Care (.pdf) or visit nwmphn.org.au/primarycare to learn more.

Artist's depiction of north western Melbourne.