Immunise Melbourne

Immunise for your kids, yourself and your community.

Immunise Melbourne aims to keep everyone in our community safe by raising awareness and increasing the vaccination rate of people living in Melbourne.

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What is herd immunity?

Immunisation also plays a role in protecting those not immunised, or not yet immunised (such as newborns) through ‘herd immunity’.

Immunisation coverage must exceed 90 per cent to achieve and maintain the level of herd immunity needed to interrupt the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases. See:

Vaccinating on time

Vaccinating on time is important. The National Immunisation Program Schedule outlines the vaccines that your child needs, and the age at which each vaccine should be given. Late vaccinations provide a window for possible infection. Some vaccines, such as that for rotavirus, must be given within a strict time frame, or cannot be given at all.

See the Victorian Immunisation Schedule


  • Let's make sure kids under two are vaccinated on time

    In our region, the latest data shows that vaccination rates are currently under 90 per cent for kids vaccinated at 12 and 18 months. This is well below the target of 95 per cent, needed for the best level of community protection.

    For the past three years, vaccination rates for two-year-olds have been lower than for one-year-old and five-year-old vaccination rates, nationally and in our region.

    Between 2016 and 2017:

    • 28,484 two-year-old children in Australia were not fully immunised on time
    • 2354 two-year-old children in the north western Melbourne area were not fully immunised on time.*

    *Source: Australian Institute of Health and Wellfare (AIHW): Healthy community indicators

Updates to the National Immunisation Program

On 1 July 2018, the National Immunisation Program updated the type of vaccinations to be given to children at 12 and 18 months. See the National Immunisation Program fact sheet and National Immunisation Program poster.

Where to go?

Vaccinations are available from your local doctor, through your council, from a maternal and child health nurse, and at The Royal Children’s Hospital Immunisation Drop-in Centre.

Use the National Health Services Directory to find an immunisation session near you, or to look up a doctor in your area.

Help Immunise Melbourne

Immunise Melbourne is an awareness campaign that aims to increase the vaccination rate of children aged 0–4 across the greater Melbourne region. Download a free poster or social media content to help support the campaign to #protectyourtot.