System of Care services

Our system of care promotes a person-centred approach to mental health, suicide and alcohol and other drug treatment and care. It supports services that are responsive to community needs and expectations.

Services commissioned under our system of care deliver targeted, appropriate services to a wide range of community and cultural groups at numerous locations across our region.

Services in this directory are presented according to age group, target population, location, treatment type and level of vulnerability to assist people to find the best service for their individual needs.

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Age group
  • 0-12
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Priority group
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Carers
  • Children and families
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities
  • LGBTIQ communities
  • Older adults
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • Youth (12-25)
Mode of delivery
  • Face to face
  • Online service
  • Telephone service

CAREinMIND Suicide Prevention Service | CAREinMIND providers

Intensive, short term psychological services for people who have been assessed as being at increased risk of self-harm or suicide and are being supported in community.

People generally receive 6-8 appointments/sessions in this service.

Target populations:

People who have self harmed, attempted suicide or who have suicidal ideation.

Locations: Whole region

Support After Suicide | Jesuit Social Services

Counselling, support groups and online resources to those bereaved by suicide.

The number of sessions available are flexible based on client needs.

Target populations:

Children, young people and adults bereaved by suicide.

Locations: Whole region