Free mental health services for people in north western Melbourne.

What is CAREinMIND™? 

CAREinMIND provides access to a range of free mental health services in the north western Melbourne area, through CAREinMIND central referral, intake and assessment. Find out more on the System of Care page.

Who is eligible?

CAREinMIND can provide free mental health services for people of all ages who:

  • are unable to afford (or are ineligible for) other local services
  • are experiencing all levels of mental health stress from mild to severe
  • live, work or study in the north western Melbourne area. 

 For more detailed eligibility criteria visit the System of Care page.

What services are available and how to refer?

GPs, psychiatrists or paediatricians can refer patients to CAREinMND services.

 Referrals are managed via the CAREinMIND central intake. Referrals are assessed and triaged, based on a person’s clinical needs, then allocated to an appropriate, experienced mental health practitioner.

 Download a copy of the software compatible CAREinMIND referral form from the list below

 If you need help uploading into your software contact the primary care practice team on (03) 9347 1188.

*If referrals are incomplete or ineligible they may delay your patient receiving these services. The CAREinMIND team will contact the referrer with a request for more information or recommendations about alternative services.



All services are delivered by experienced mental health practitioners.

How to refer

Fax referrals to (03) 9348 0750.

For people at risk of suicide or self-harm, up to 8 sessions. This is not an acute or crisis service.

 CAREinMIND referral form below

For mild to moderate mental illness, up to 12 sessions.

 CAREinMIND referral form below

 Mental health treatment plan below

For people experiencing more severe mental illness and requiring more intensive support.

 CAREinMIND referral form below

 Mental health treatment plan below

 and/or other supporting mental health documentation

For lower intensity needs.  Phone and online counselling available 24/7. 

 Self-referral, web or phone: 1300 096 269 or


 You can help to promote the CAREinMIND Wellbeing Support Service in your practice. Visit our resources page.

Contact us

Phone: (03) 9088 4277

CAREinMIND™ Secure Fax: (03) 9348 0750


If you are in need of urgent support, the following services may be able to assist you:

Lifeline – 13 11 14

Mensline – 1300 789 978

beyondblue Info Line – 1300 224 636

Suicide Line – 1300 651 251

Wellbeing Support – 1300 096 269