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More help, support and access to best care.

HeadtoHelp will provide advice and a welcoming place for everyone who needs mental health and wellbeing support. It is available to all Victorians of all ages, whether their mental health issues are pre-existing or have emerged during the coronavirus pandemic.

HeadtoHelp is that extra help GPs may need right now to manage the increased number of people who are needing mental health support at this time.

HeadtoHelp provides care navigation, access to a multidisciplinary mental health team at the hubs and a team-care approach, to complement and supplement GP care.

Primary Health Networks are taking a staged approach to ramping up the multidisciplinary teams within hubs over the coming months. With your help we are delivering a more connected mental health system that will give people the extra support they need during the pandemic and beyond.

To find out more about the HeadtoHelp read the comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for general practitioners and information for service providers; covering intake and hub services, and how this new service interacts with your existing use of and referral to our CAREinMIND™ and other services.

Hub locations

The HeadtoHelp hubs are now open at 15 locations across Victoria. The three hubs in our region are:

  • Broadmeadows – DPV Health
    42/48 Coleraine Street, Broadmeadows
  • Wyndham Vale – IPC Health
    510 Ballan Road, Wyndham Vale
  • Brunswick East – Clarity Healthcare
    3/55 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East

Resources and information

Help promote the HeadtoHelp service

Further information

We will be updating this page as the service rolls out. If you have any questions, please contact headtohelpintake@nwmphn.org.au or visit headtohelp.org.au

HeadtoHelp is part of North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network building a better-connected mental health system in the community. HeadtoHelp is a collaborative initiative of the Victorian Primary Health Networks and funded by the Australian Government.

Background information

Victoria’s six Primary Health Networks have been funded by the Australian Government to set up 15 HeadtoHelp hubs to support GPs by providing extra mental health services during the pandemic.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the funding on 17 August 2020 and directed that the hubs open by 14 September 2020. Primary Health Networks had less than one month to consult, design and open effective mental health hubs that will support, integrate and build on the existing state and federally funded mental health service system. North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) appreciates that we haven’t been able to consult and engage our GP and others as widely as we would like due to time constraints.

NWMPHN worked with the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments, the Victorian Mental Health Taskforce, local services and used data analysis to determine the locations. Providers were determined though a limited Expression of Interest due to the timeframe and the needs of the model of care. Providers had to have capacity, including systems and workforce, in place so that they could have a multidisciplinary team operational by 14 September 2020.

For providers, GPs and other referrers

Who is HeadtoHelp for?

The HeadtoHelp service is for all Victorians, of any age, who may be experiencing distress or mental ill health, and their families, carers or support networks.

  • This includes people who have never accessed mental health services before and their family and friends. It also is for family and friends of those in aged care.
  • It is also for people who are not eligible for Medicare including refugees, people who are seeking asylum seekers, foreign students, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
How does it work with my existing mental health patients and CAREinMIND?

You can still refer eligible patients to CAREinMIND™ and you don’t have to change how you refer you patents to CAREinMIND.

The HeadtoHelp intake may refer eligible patients to CAREinMIND services and other existing services, including those in the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network system of care.

HeadtoHelp intake will ensure there is no duplication in the patient’s treatment and services with existing providers.

How to access HeadtoHelp

GPs and other health professional can refer patients to HeadtoHelp. No referral or mental health plan is needed in the first instance.

We ask that you do a warm transfer to the HeadtoHelp service using the 1800 595 212 intake number.

People can either call HeadtoHelp 1800 595 212 or they can go direct to a local hub, although we would like them to call the intake number first.

Access to hubs will not be restricted by the location of the person.

Where are the hubs?

There are 15 HeadtoHelp hubs across the state. Three of them are in North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network’s region in Wyndham Vale, Brunswick East and Broadmeadows.

Operating hours

This is not a crisis service, so initially our services will operate from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

If all intake team members are engaged, callers during business hours will be given the option of leaving a message and receiving a call back. After hours callers will hear a recorded message with Beyond Blue’s number if they want to speak with someone after hours, otherwise they are asked to call back during HeadtoHelp opening hours.

What to expect

When you call HeadtoHelp an experienced mental health professional will work with you, or your patient, to assess their needs and connect them with the most appropriate services, which may include the new mental health hubs or existing services.

  • In most be cases people will be connected to an existing service, online mental health support or other community mental health services.
  • They may also be connected to aligned services such as alcohol and other drugs, family violence and specialist and support services.

In all cases people will be strongly encouraged to connect with their regular GP or will be helped to find a GP.

Intake and assessment

Intake and assessment will be performed by HeadtoHelp team members on the 1800 595 212 line or direct at a hub.

Team members will use the Initial Assessment and Referral (IAR) decision support tool and the Initial Assessment Domains tool to perform intake and inform the level of care required. People with level 1 and 2 needs will be connected with existing lower intensity services. Those with level 3 and 4 needs may receive care at the hubs, either onsite or through telehealth, or other more suitable services. Level 5 will be connected to specialist or acute mental health services, including into emergency care or into an area mental health triage.


Hub services and staff

Where there is no existing service that is appropriate for a person, the hub can provide telehealth and onsite mental health support through multidisciplinary teams. We are expecting to focus on people with Level 3 and 4 needs as determined by the Initial Assessment and Referral tool (see above).

The HeadtoHelp hubs, as they are scaled up, will include a multidisciplinary teams of mental health workers, including psychologists, mental health nurses, social workers, and alcohol and drug workers, who will coordinate with the patient’s regular GP – or help them find a regular GP if they do not have one. Most hubs will not have a psychiatrist on staff as the funding model does not support their inclusion.

A team-based approach

We encourage the use of shared care plans through a consumer’s mental health journey. The outcome of all your referrals will be communicated back to you. If your patient needs a mental health treatment plan to access other mental health service, a HeadtoHelp team member will be in contact with you.