Lighten the Load

Better mental health for tradies, their mates and families.
Why is our Lighten the Load campaign needed?

Many tradies are doing it tough

In these strange times of the coronavirus pandemic and stay at home restrictions, many industries in our region have been struggling. Although tradies are known for their good humour, people in the construction industry have been doing it particularly tough.

The Lighten the Load campaign targets construction industry workers and small business owners in our region and asks tradies to seek help early. The campaign also speaks to their mates and families, so that they can find out how to help the tradies they care about.

“We all carry stuff around. When things get heavy, we ask someone to give us a hand. The longer we hang on to it the heavier it gets.”
The longer you carry stuff around, the heavier it gets.

About HeadtoHelp

The Lighten the Load campaign links to our statewide HeadtoHelp service, set up to support Victorians during the pandemic. HeadtoHelp services are delivered through HeadtoHelp hubs and can be accessed by calling the 1800 595 212 central intake number.

HeadtoHelp connects people to the best mental health support for them, which might be at a HeadtoHelp physical hub, or through other existing services. All services are free or low-cost.

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Support the campaign

We encourage you to share this campaign with your friends, family, colleagues and social media networks so we can reach all of the tradies out in our region who are doing it tough.

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A tradesperson carrying a sign that says 'final notice' on a building site.