Quality improvement record – a template for practices

This simple and intuitive document makes it easy for you to record and review your quality improvement (QI) activities. It is also very useful should you ever be audited, as it provides a record of your participation in quality improvement. Completing the QI record can also assist you to meet the requirements for the Practice … Continued

After-hours service directory

This directory comprises names, times and contact details for dozens of organisations that provide urgent health care outside standard operating hours. We encourage you to identify relevant services in your region – including local ones such as locum and after-hours pharmacy services – and record them using our downloadable template. You can view an interactive … Continued

Person-centred after-hours action plan

This tool enables staff to summarise key information about care plans for each resident to be compiled, creating a quick and simple reference during an emergency. For more information on community palliative care providers please see this resource. 

Medical support checklist

This helps staff gather, record and communicate essential information when a resident needs medical attention after-hours. It supports decision-making about what service is best to contact in any given instance and ensures swift and accurate communication. The checklist is based on the ISBAR communication tool, assists staff when a resident is unwell, and support is … Continued

After-hours action planning audit tool

Aged care operators can use this to self-assess how prepared they are to care for a resident who becomes unwell or is injured overnight or on a weekend. It identifies essential processes and explains how to access appropriate medical care in a timely manner. The also contains links to other after-hours resources.

GP practice referral template – Alcohol and other drug support and treatment

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation in collaboration with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) have developed a quick referral guide for GPs on alcohol and drug services in Victoria. This referral guide has been developed to make it easier for GPs to direct their patients to the most appropriate treatment and support services.

Pre-infection COVID-19 treatment plan – GP template

This template will help GPs develop COVID-19 treatment plans for at-risk patients, enabling them to quickly access the best available treatment if infected. It was produced by North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network’s GP Adviser Dr Jeannie Knapp. Use the following links to download in various formats: .rtf .docx .pdf More information on COVID-19 treatment … Continued

NWMPHN QI Record for general practice

By documenting Quality Improvement activities, your practices can build on improvements every year. Keeping a record of each QI also helps to keep your team approach and learnings in one place. NWMPHN has developed this Quality Improvement Record template for practices to use, for any QI activity small or large.  This template is a simple … Continued

NWMPHN Practice Partnership Plan for general practice

By completing this Practice Partnership Plan with us, North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN), you can identify what your practice would like to improve over the next 12 months. It also helps us to know where and how we can support you. This is a living document that is shared and reviewed throughout the … Continued

Mental Health Treatment Plan Template (Word)

A template for GPs to create a Mental Health Treatment Plan.