What are file reviews and how do we prepare for them? – CAREinMIND Providers

  30 November 2018  NWMPHN   

File reviews are an integral part of robust clinical governance and agreement to participate in these reviews forms part of the contract you have signed with NWMPHN. File reviews also inform part of the contract renewal process.  

To enable planning for services and contracts from July 2019, all file reviews must be completed by the end of April 2019. Future contracts will not be offered to providers unless a file review has been completed. 

In 2018-19, the CAREinMIND team will undertake site visits for those TPS providers new to NWMPHNHaving a visual understanding of your location assists us assessing the appropriateness of the setting when allocating referrals. Meeting you at your practice site also allows for referdirect training if necessary. 

If you are an existing CAREinMIND solo TPS provider, with a history of satisfactory file reviews, you can either: 

  • Phone us (tel 9088 4277) to organise a review with CAREinMIND at Level 1, 369 Royal Parade Parkville; or 
  • Contact Bronwyn Williams (bronwyn.williams@nwmphn.org.au) who will ascribe temporary files to you to enable you to upload the nominated files. 

If you are an Intensive Support Service provider, file reviews will occur on site. Please contact Natalie Spencer to organise a visit: natalie.spencer@nwmphn.org.au.

When you contact us to arrange the appointment, we will select the client files we will review with you. We aim for a crosssection of files (e.g. child/suicide prevention/CALD) as appropriate to your range of practice and experience. We will send you a checklist to assist your understanding of what we are reviewing.