New CAREinMIND Referral form

  18 June 2018  N   

18 June 2018

The CAREinMIND referral form, used to access the Well-being Support, Targeted Psychological Support, Intensive Support and Suicide Support services, has recently been updated. To avoid delays in accessing services, please use this new version with immediate effect.

The new referral form includes additional fields that will enable us to survey people about their experience and outcomes of the service. This information is fundamental to understanding and improving the services we commission, and will support the ongoing planning, development, evaluation and reporting of quality services across the region.

The new form can be found on our website’s CAREinMIND page, and is available in Best Practice, Medical Director or ZedMed format.

Please delete all old versions of the referral form from your software and discard any old paper versions and replace them with the form dated May 2018.

If you require further information, please contact the CAREinMIND team on (03) 9088 4277.