About our General Practice Expert Advisory Group

  21 September 2021  NWMPHN   

Our General Practice Advisory Group (GPEAG) includes representation from general practitioners, practice nurses and practice managers from across the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) region.

GPEAG consists of one of each of these three core general practice occupations from each of the central, northern and western parts of our region – 9 people in total. The group provides guidance to ensure that our work reflects the needs and preferences of primary care professionals working in our region.

Key functions of the group include:

  • providing specialist advice on general practice and NWMPHN priorities
  • ensuring NWMPHN program design and implementation is relevant and realistic for primary care
  • advising on priorities for primary care workforce development, education and training. 

Current GPEAG members

Name Area Occupation Associated with
Dr Raymond Wen Central General practitioner East Brunswick Medical Centre
Natalie Simpson-Stewart Central Nurse Summit Medical Group
Sally Cordina Central Practice manager North Richmond Community Health
Dr Gursel Alpay North General practitioner Somerton Road Medical Centre
Matt Stewart North Nurse Hillcrest Health Centre
Karen Hoffman North Practice manager North Coburg Medical Centre
Dr Simon Benson West General practitioner Sunshine City Medical Centre
Danielle Siler West Nurse IPC Health (Deer Park)
Laura Paton West Practice manager Hopper Lane General Practice

Current activities

GPEAG had their first meeting of the 2021–22 financial year in September 2021. The meeting included discussions about:

  • the COVID-19 vaccine roll out
  • NWMPHN’s vision for high performing primary care
  • GPEAG strategic planning
  • NWMPHN’s approach to stepped mental health care

Future activities

GPEAG’s key priorities for 2021–22 are:

  • guiding the local general practice response to the first annual report on Quality Improvement Measures in Australian general practices
  • the workforce development needs of primary care including
    • recruitment and retention of staff
    • avoiding burn out
    • patient abuse and complaints (supporting the general practice team)
    • advocacy for GPs and practice staff to be recognised in legislation
  • responding to the COVID-19 pandemic including:
  • the mental health of primary care providers
  • chronic disease management of patients
  • supporting practices who have had accreditation delayed
  • CPD requirement changes for GPs (from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)
  • telephone MBS items.

More information

Please contact education@nwmphn.org.au for more information about GPEAG.