NWMPHN Regional Needs Assessment (August 2016)

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) is committed to continually improving primary health care for all communities in the region. As part of this commitment, we undertake regular, evidence-based assessment of the region to identify gaps and opportunities in health and service needs.

Our Health Needs Assessment (HNA) is a comprehensive compilation of health and wellbeing research and data, plus contextual information gathered through interviews, workshops and surveys of community members, general practices, commissioned services, peak bodies, community health, acute health care and local government.

Our approach draws on the social determinants of health to provide a systematic way of analysing the differences in health status across the region. It considers the social context within which people live, their health and wellbeing outcomes as well as their experience of accessing health care services.

NWMPHN uses this valuable information to help decide which health services are most urgently needed, and in which areas, allowing us to set regional priorities and better design and fund programs to support at risk people.