Working together for better results

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  30 October 2023  NWMPHN | Photo credit: Leigh Henningham   

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) plays a crucial role in a powerful collaboration for health system reform.

It is central to a cross-system partnership that is building a more resilient and sustainable health sector for Victorians.

The West Metro Health Service Partnership (WM HSP) brings together some of Victoria’s premier health services and organisations to collaborate on systems reform. As well as NWMPHN, these include Mercy Health, the Royal Children’s Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital, the Royal Women’s Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, and Western Health.

A unique integration of primary care …

Since its establishment 2 years ago, the partnership has supported the COVID Positive Pathways work for our region, established and grown the Better at Home initiative, supported the delivery of the Victorian Government’s planned surgery recovery and reform program and undertaken a population health project to better understand the health needs of our local community.

Over 280 clinical and operational staff from across the partnership have worked together over the past 2 years on 13 collaborative projects and through several knowledge-sharing forums.

NWMPHN has been central to this work, collaborating with its health service partners in the West Metro COVID Positive Pathways program, which featured a unique integration of primary care that benefited patients, their GPs, our health services, and the system.

Front cover of the West Metro Population Health Needs Assessment.
West Metro Population Health Needs Assessment

NWMPHN has also partnered with the WM HSP on a population health project and undertaken a comprehensive Health Needs Assessment for the west metro catchment to better understand the health needs of our community and help inform future priorities for collaboration.

Suyin Ng, WM HSP Executive Director, said the results reflected the engagement, commitment and leadership of each of the partnership’s members.

“It’s testament to the investment from staff, the quality of our health service leadership, the innovative mindset, and the commitment to patients that is evident across all our health services,” she said.

“Partnerships are not easy, but they can deliver great outcomes.”

For more on the partnership’s achievements and collaborative work, download the WM HSP Impact Report 2021-2023.