Treating familial cancer

  18 May 2020  HealthPathways Melbourne   

Assessing familial cancer risk is not straightforward and is often challenging.

After a close relative is diagnosed with cancer, a patient may turn to their GP to help them determine their risk of familial cancer. HealthPathways Melbourne can assist GPs to provide comfort and advice to patients as well as to assess genetic risk and navigate local referral pathways into genetic testing. It provides information on risk factors based on family history and cultural considerations, as well as preventative strategies affected families can undertake.

The new Familial Cancer Syndromes pathway has been aligned with the nationally recognised and endorsed Optimal Cancer Care Pathways and provides a quick and interactive reference tool with local resources. The pathway guides GPs to assess and refer patients on to genetic testing.

Free for general practice to access, the pathway is written by GPs for GPs, in collaboration with specialists in familial cancer syndromes. Log in to the new pathway or request access today.