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  28 August 2023  Transport Accident Commission   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Digital platform to track and measure outcomes for physio patients

An innovative partnership between the TAC and digital health company The Clinician will automate the analysis of real-time health data to help physiotherapists use outcome measures to understand client needs.

The Enhanced Recovery Program, co-designed with TAC clients and providers, will use the power of The Clinician’s platform, ZEDOC, to collect information about a client’s health outcomes and experiences using their own device from the comfort of their home.

Using validated patient reported measures (PROMs and PREMs), responses to targeted questions are rapidly analysed to inform clinical decisions and to assist the physiotherapist to deliver relevant communication and educational materials to patients.

The platform will help physiotherapists involved in the program deliver high-quality, patient-centred and value-driven care.

A small cohort of TAC clients will take part in the program to allow for refinement of the process. This iterative approach will ensure the program’s effectiveness and pave the way for broader implementation in the future.

Other organisations already benefiting from collaboration with The Clinician:

  • South Australia’s Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health and Department for Health, which is introducing a comprehensive state-wide Patient Reported Measures program.
  • Victoria’s Department of Health, which is expanding its Victorian Virtual Emergency Department, a service that has already helped over 100,000 Victorians since April 2022.

The Enhanced Recovery Program is one of several TAC initiatives to develop a value-based healthcare approach that delivers better outcomes, experience and value for its stakeholders.

For details about the TAC’s Enhanced Recovery Program, visit the TAC website at

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