Support your eligible LGBTIQ+ patients to access cervical screening and self-collection

Cervical screening is for everyone with a cervix
  6 June 2023  Cancer Council Victoria   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Cancer Council Victoria and Thorne Harbour Health are urging healthcare professionals to speak to their LGBTIQ+ patients about the self-collection option for cervical screening, with the launch of their new Public Cervix Announcement campaign.

LGBTIQ+ people with a cervix often face greater barriers to cervical screening and are less likely to participate than non-LGBTIQ+ people. Some of the barriers include misconceptions around their need to screen, fear of discrimination and previous negative healthcare experiences.

Self-collection can remove significant barriers to cervical screening by providing a level of control and choice for patients and can help increase screening rates in LGBTIQ+ communities by providing a more private and less invasive option.

Self-collection is just as accurate for the detection of HPV and cervical pre-cancer as a clinician-collected test.

Speak to your patients who are due or overdue about the self-collection option to help protect them against cervical cancer.

You can find more information about screening for LGBTIQ+ communities and download or order resources to share with your patients here.

The Cancer Council Victoria website also has a dedicated campaign landing page with real stories from people in the LGBTIQ+ community, information and tips to help everyone with a cervix access cervical screening that is right for them.

Share the webpage with your patients and ensure they have the information and support they need to access this life-saving test:

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