Research opportunity – Are you a health professional working with fathers or their partners in the perinatal period?

  24 August 2023  Richard Pascal, Curtin University   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

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There is a growing need for new approaches to providing information and support to first-time fathers in Australia.

According to recent research, first-time fathers want programs that are informative but also allow them to interact with other men about their experiences with fatherhood. However, men face significant barriers accessing in-person services during pregnancy and soon after the birth (e.g., programs are typically run during business hours only).

Fathers can be more easily engaged directly on their mobile phones, although programs that also include peer interaction and support have not been adequately evaluated. In addition, engaging health professionals, particularly those in primary care settings (e.g., GPs, midwives, etc) to help refer first-time fathers to such programs has not been described in the literature.

We are currently conducting both a national 15–20-minute anonymous online survey and a 30–40-minute semi-structured online interview (in Western Australia and Queensland only). We are inviting all health professionals who work with perinatal fathers and their partners to participate, so that we can gain their views on first-time fathers’ needs and inclusion in perinatal care and programs, and about a peer-facilitated, online, perinatal education and support program that we are developing.

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