Public optometry service extends bulk billed eye exams to all children under 18 years old

  27 November 2023  The Australian College of Optometry   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Public health eyecare provider, the Australian College of Optometry (ACO) is proud to announce it has extended bulk billing to all eye examinations for children under the age of 18.

Effective immediately, families will not incur any upfront cost for eye examinations.

The change to billing includes all paediatric services including its Children’s Clinic and advanced Myopia and Binocular Vision clinics in Carlton, as well as services provided at the ACO’s seven satellite clinics throughout Melbourne.

Committed to excellence in paediatric care and leading public health optometry, the ACO feels strongly that cost should not deter families accessing the eyecare a child requires, including access to advanced care offered by the ACO. Many of the ACO’s services are heavily subsidised, including myopia control options. Families attending ACO clinics have direct access to the Victorian Eyecare Scheme (VES) which allows eligible Victorians to receive subsidised glasses, contact lenses and visual aids.

In addition to removing financial barriers, the ACO’s highly trained paediatric team supports children with developmental or health conditions and special needs to access the care they may otherwise struggle to access. For families whose first language is not English, interpreters are available by prior request.

Please note – referrals are not required to attend the ACO but are always welcome.

Find out more on the ACO website.

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