Pilot study for GPs focuses on child oral health knowledge

  27 February 2022  La Trobe University   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

A research team at La Trobe Rural Health School in affiliation with the Violet Vines Marshman Centre for Rural Health Research (VVMCRHR) are undertaking a pilot study focusing on child oral health knowledge and professional practice of General Practitioners (GPs).

They are aiming to pilot a self-administered web-based survey using the survey software, QuestionPro, to assess the knowledge and professional practices of GPs regarding children’s oral health in Australia.

Gaining an understanding of the current knowledge and practice of GPs in relation to child oral health may be beneficial to both GPs and the broader community as we might gain an understanding of the current gaps in knowledge and/or practice. This may enable the development of targeted training for GPs in regard to oral health.

The survey has been approved by the La Trobe University Ethics Committee (HEC21251), is anonymous and accessible here. The participant information and consent form is embedded in the first page of the survey and once the survey respondent has read the project information, they are required to click to agree to taking the survey before being shown the next page. They are also able to supply the survey to you in hard copy if that would be preferred.

Survey respondents will be offered a $50 Coles Myer gift card upon completion of the survey. The gift card can be claimed through a different survey link, which is embedded in the thank you page of the original survey. They ensure you that the responses of the original survey will not be linked to the personal information requested on the gift card survey.

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