4 September 2020

Since 8 August 2020, the Parkville precinct hospitals have a new electronic medical record (EMR) to improve the way we deliver patient care.

The EMR is shared by the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, the Royal Women’s Hospital and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Patient information will be secure in the EMR and only accessed by staff involved with care and treatment.

The EMR will make it quicker and easier for clinicians to find the information they need to provide the best care to patients and carers.

Parkville Connect is a secure, web-based portal providing GPs, specialists and other healthcare professionals with access to information in the Parkville electronic medical record (EMR).

Patients will consent to their GP, specialists and other healthcare professionals accessing their information via Parkville Connect when they are registered at the hospital.

To sign up, or find out more, go to parkvilleconnect.org.au or contact support@parkvilleconnect.org.au

By the Royal Melbourne Hospital GP Liaison Unit.

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