Outcomes from our engagement with primary care providers

  19 October 2018  NWMPHN   

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) recently completed an extensive consultation process, run by consultants Siggins Miller, as part of the development of our new primary care engagement strategy. We have now been delivered the outcomes of that consultation. 

What we heard from the sector: 

  • You want greater clarity on the role of the PHN and what support we can provide
  • You also want clarity on how you can be involved with the PHN or who to contact if you have an enquiry.
  • You would like assistance from the PHN to help implement health reforms and get ready for changes with toolkits and information for your patients.
  • You want us to advocate to government on your behalf 
  • You want to be able to access PHN events close to your home/work or online
  • You want a specific contact at the PHN who actions enquiries and knows your practice. You want this person to build a strong relationship with your practice team and to coordinate everything that the PHN does with your practice. 

There were some specific comments from particular groups: 

  • GPs – you said that you want to engage more with us. You want us to schedule appointments with you in your practice so that you can make time in your day to engage.
  • Nurses – you want to be able to access education specifically designed for practice nurses. You also feel isolated and want to network with your peers.
  • Practice managers – you want our help to engage the whole practice team in change activities. You also want information and help from PHN practice support staff on things like using PENCAT, MBS items, and quality improvement methodology. 
  • Allied health providers and pharmacists – you said that you want to network with local general practices and be included in interdisciplinary events in your region. You also said you want to be included in local referral pathways.
  • CAREinMIND providers – you had positive feedback on our CAREinMIND program and processes. 

We heard loud and clear that you appreciated being consulted and the opportunity to provide input into our new primary care engagement strategy.

Siggins Miller are currently reviewing these outcomes and will make recommendations to NWMPHN on how we can redesign our engagement.

Stay tuned for more information on what those changes will look like later in 2018.