October is Liver Awareness Month – GP education

  9 October 2023  Liver Foundation   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

October is Liver Awareness Month, recognising the importance of liver health and the causes of liver disease.

One in 3 Australian’s has some form of liver disease, and liver cancer (HCC) rates are increasing year on year, with 12-month survival only 49%. Whilst viral hepatitis and alcohol are still key drivers in liver disease, metabolic associated fatty liver disease will soon become the leading cause of liver cancer and adult liver transplantation in Australia.

The Liver Foundation is inviting you to update your knowledge of the role of GPs in diagnosing and managing liver diseases with a series of courses.

All courses are available free of charge on the ThinkGP platform. There is a Clinical Audit of Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease, an advanced course and a series of short courses on all aspects of diagnosing and manage liver diseases in primary practice.

All courses are fully accredited for CPD with RACGP and ACCRM. To learn more on this topic, explore our suite of liver related activities visit thinkgp.com.au

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