Most of your patients will now have a My Health Record

  26 April 2019  Australian Digital Health Agency   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

The following letter is a communication from the Australian Digital Health Agency to general practices in our region.

Dear Colleague,

Between 16 July 2018 and 31 January 2019, Australians had the opportunity to make a choice to have a My Health Record, or to opt out by 31 January 2019 if they did not want a record created for them. Records have now been created for all Australians who wanted one.

My Health Record consumer materials starter pack

Most healthcare providers will receive a posted pack of new consumer brochures and posters in April, which have been updated following the close of the opt-out period. These materials will help your patients to understand the benefits of having a My Health Record and how to access and control their record. If you don’t receive a pack, or would like to order additional materials, please follow the instructions below.

Order bulk consumer materials

You can order printed consumer materials in bulk at no cost to you via our online portal at Delivery is usually within 3-5 business days.

To log in to the print ordering portal, please use the following details:

Username: GP_MHR
Password: myhealthrecord

Alternatively, you can download consumer materials on our website.

Please thoughtfully recycle My Health Record printed materials you may have that mention the now-closed opt-out period.

Many clinical providers are now connected

Many clinical providers already use the My Health Record system to support them in caring for their patients. More than 80% of general practices and community pharmacies are now registered. Find out more about who is using digital health.

Training and other resource materials are available to support you in using the My Health Record system. For further information, see: My Health Record in General Practice.

Start a conversation with your patients about My Health Record today

Many of your patients will benefit from having a digital record with key health information that is accessible to their treating healthcare providers. In particular, this will help people who have complex health conditions, young families, or those who see several healthcare providers. You may wish to discuss with your patient what information should be uploaded to their My Health Record.

A shared health summary in a patient’s My Health Record represents their health status at a point in time. It may include information about a patient’s medical history, including medical conditions, medicines, allergies and adverse reactions. A patient’s most recent shared health summary is likely to be the first document another healthcare professional views in their patient’s My Health Record.

If you are not the patient’s usual provider, you can upload an event summary to share key health information about a significant healthcare event with others involved in the patient’s care.

For more information or support, visit or call 1800 723 471.

Thank you for your support in improving clinical outcomes for Australians.

With best wishes,
Clinical Professor Meredith Makeham BMed(Hons) MPH(Hons) PhD FRACGP
Chief Medical Adviser
Australian Digital Health Agency

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