More pathways for better care during COVID-19

HealthPathways Melbourne
  1 June 2020  HealthPathways Melbourne   

The following new pages have been published on HealthPathways Melbourne to continue to provide support to clinicians during the COVID-19 pandemic: 

  • Electronic Prescribing: Contains information about interim PBS prescribing arrangements while the implementation of electronic prescribing by “Token” is being fast tracked. 
  • Hand Hygiene: We’ve all heard about the importance of washing our hands during this pandemic. This pathway provides best practice advice on washing hands, wearing gloves and protection in cases of dermatitis skin. 
  • COVID-19 MBS items: an up-to-date guide to MBS items relating to COVID-19. 

If you’ve used any of the COVID-19 pathways, we’d love to hear about your experience! You can use the ‘Send Feedback’ button on the top right corner of any pathway or email us at 

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