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  25 September 2017  Merri Health   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Referrals are invited to the Modified Pain Management Program commencing 20 October 2017

The Modified Pain Management Program (MPMP) at Merri Community Health is a multidisciplinary program directed at helping clients with persistent pain to improve their ability to manage activities of daily living and engage in regular physical activity.

Clients can be referred to the group program by any Health Professional All clients have a pre-group assessment with the Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist to complete a physical outcome measurement and identify client centred goals.

Merri Health MPMP eligibility criteria:

  • Willing and able to attend all sessions
  • Appropriate level of functional ability to participate
  • Able to engage in a group environment
  • Accepting of the chronic nature of pain rather than cure focused

Each session of the 8 week program is 2 hours long and includes education and exercise. Education sessions assist clients to understand the difference between acute and persistent pain and how common challenges such as pacing, activity and stress can impact on their ability to manage their pain. The different education sessions are delivered by a Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist, Occupational Therapist, Dietitian and Social worker

  • Education session topics:
  • Understanding pain
  • Healthy Eating, healthy weight
  • Pacing and energy conservation
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Community Gym visit with Exercise Physiologist
  • Posture, ergonomics & set-back management
  • Boom and bust behaviours

At the end of the 8 week program client’s outcome measures and goals are re-assessed to provide feedback on progress and facilitate quality improvement and evaluation. Depending on their goals, clients develop an understanding of the link between anxiety, stress and pain to develop strategies to manage this on a daily basis

Referrals can be made to the Service Access team:
Phone: (03) 9388 9933
Fax: (03) 9495 2599

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