Medical Obstetric service at Northern Health

  14 October 2019  Northern Health   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Northern Health’s Medical Obstetric service comprises multiple internal medicine physicians with skills and interest in caring for the medical issues in pregnant women.

Endocrinology, nephrology, hematology and cardiology and other specialties, such as neurology, gastroenterology or rheumatology, are available to medical obstetric patients. Co-ordinated care with midwives, obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine specialists at Northern Health, ensure safe medication use and monitoring of medical conditions during pregnancy.

Pre-conception counselling service for women with chronic medical issues, in conjunction with obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine specialists, assists patients with planning for pregnancy, provides information concerning medical risk and its management in pregnancy.

Post-partum follow up of either pre-existing medical conditions or pregnancy related conditions, such as hypertension or pre-eclampsia are available at Northern Health. Women are discharged back to their primary medical providers within six weeks post-partum, or referred to other medical specialists for further follow up should that be required.

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