Invitation to join the Australian Contraception and Abortion Primary Care Practitioner Support (AusCAPPS) Network

  14 September 2021  Monash University   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

AusCAPPS is an online network where primary care clinicians and community pharmacists can connect and chat with like-minded peers and expert clinicians about contraception and abortion, find local providers, and keep up to date with the latest training opportunities, research, and resources.

AusCAPPS Network will:

  • Connect you with GPs, pharmacists and nurses around Australia who also provide long acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) and medical abortion services
  • Provide access to training and education opportunities relating to LARC insertion and medical abortion provision
  • Enable you to put your questions to our expert network
  • Give you access to resources, guidelines, referral forms and patient handouts
  • Keep you connected with the latest news and research related to LARC and medical abortion

To get involved, register at

Please contact for any questions.

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