Healthcare, vaccines, campaigns: SBS Radio Interview (Arabic)

  19 October 2021  NWMPHN   

Maryaan Essa, one of the volunteers in our Goodbye COVID Arabic language videos, took part in an interview on SBS Arabic radio which was broadcast on Wednesday, 20 October.

The interview covered:

  • The health and community councils play a role in health guidance
  • This campaign was done in several languages, including Arabic
  • People from segments representing the members of the community participated in the video campaign

Speaking to SBS Arabic24, Ms Maryaan Essa, Project Officer at the Murdoch Children’s Institute in Melbourne, said, “The aim of this campaign is to deliver correct information about the vaccine to all segments of society to correct misconceptions and encourage members of the communities to take the vaccine.”

“In this video, the focus was on presenting messages through personalities representing members of the community in all its segments to present the correct targeted awareness message through them, as one of the ways to urge people to get vaccinated.” Health care is one of the most important ways in which community representatives and leaders collaborate, she added.


 Listen to or download the interview

 Watch our Goodbye COVID video in Arabic