Health Care Homes FAQ 1 – Your questions answered

  12 February 2018  NWMPHN   

Health Care Homes FAQ

I’m an Associate GP, how can I trust the practice to pay me for my contact with Health Care Homes enrolled patients? 

There is no doubt that the internal accounting required to divide up funding will be a new innovation and part of the complexity of the changes. Each GP will need to negotiate with their practice the value of each contact, and set up an internal billing arrangement. The trials will give us information on how this is negotiated between practice and GP. These sorts of internal mechanisms exist already for payments like PIP and the principle will be similar.   Organisations like AAPM and North Western Melbourne PHN are working on developing support and guidance for this aspect of the funding changes.   Dr Jeannie Knapp is a practicing GP and practice owner, working in Richmond, Melbourne. Jeannie is the Clinical Lead for the Health Care Homes Readiness Project, an initiative of North Western Melbourne PHN (NWMPHN). To comment, request a practice visit or for any questions to Jeannie about the Health Care Home readiness strategy at NWMPHN, please email