GPs wanted for research study about depression in young women

  11 September 2020  Victoria University   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Labelling Distress: Medical General Practitioners’ and Young Women’s Conceptualisations of Depression Diagnosis

Chief Investigators and Supervisors: Dr Romana Morda and Dr Lisa Hodge
Student Researcher: Catherine Saulson (PhD Candidate)
Institute for Health and Sport, Victoria University, Melbourne Australia

Catherine Saulson from the Institute for Health and Sport at Victoria University, Melbourne, is recruiting participants for a PhD study about the diagnosis of depression in young women (aged 18-29 years). Recent government reports and surveys demonstrate youth mental health concerns surface throughout our nation. Epidemiological research in Australia has reported that young women experience higher rates of depression than young men. There is a limited amount of research in Australia about young women that have been diagnosed with depression. Your participation will assist in developing a more in-depth understanding of depression in women of this age group. Furthermore, participation in the study will contribute to the body of research on depression and will offer a better understanding of gender disparities in the diagnosis of depression in Australia.

Medical General Practitioners lead in the diagnosis and treatment of depression, whereby primary care is the focal point of the vast majority of depression management in Australia. The study will explore how depression is constructed and understood by young women diagnosed with depression, by GPs, and in mental health policy statements. Research participants will provide crucial insights into the lives of Australian young women that are experiencing depression and will potentially have significant implications for the manner in which depression is responded to in mental health policy and clinical practice.

If you choose to volunteer to participate in the study, your participation will entail one individual face-to-face Zoom or phone interview. The interview will be approximately 45 to 60 minutes in duration at a convenient time to you. All disclosed information will be treated confidentially and de-identified. In the event that a participant decides to withdraw from the study at any time, research data collected will be securely destroyed as per Victoria University protocol.

A research participation form will be provided in advance that contains details about the study’s aims and the types of questions participants are likely to be asked. You will also be invited to sign an informed consent form prior to commencement of the interview.

You are eligible to participate in this study if you are a registered medical general practitioner that is practicing in a primary care setting in Australia.

The interview will be conducted by the student researcher, Catherine Saulson.

Update 7 February 2022: please note the call for interviewees has now ended.

The study will be conducted by Victoria University, Institute for Health and Sport:

Primary Chief Investigator:
Dr Romana Morda
Senior Lecturer Psychology
College of Health and Biomedicine
Institute for Health and Sport
Registered Psychologist

Chief Investigator:
Dr Lisa Hodge
Lecturer Social Work
College of Health and Biomedicine
Research Fellow Institute for Health and Sport
Social Work Practitioner
Eating Disorder Counsellor

Student Researcher:
Catherine Saulson
PhD Candidate
Institute for Health and Sport
Phone: 0407 446305

With Catherine Saulson, Victoria Unviersity.

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