First dedicated asthma education clinic for Moreland

  28 November 2018  Merri Health   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Hundreds of Victorians are set to benefit from the first dedicated asthma education clinic in Moreland.

The asthma education clinic at Merri Health offers asthma sufferers one-on-one sessions to manage the chronic disease and its symptoms. Patients will learn triggers, how to monitor asthma and correctly use a puffer or other medication, exercise, first aid and when to call an ambulance.

Respiratory Physiotherapist at Merri Health Christine Buckley, said that the new clinic responds to the low number of asthma sufferers who have received asthma education.

“Despite the high number of Australians diagnosed with asthma, Asthma Australia reported that only 24% of people with asthma have had asthma education in the last 12 months.

“Asthma education including a personal Asthma Action Plan can help you better manage your condition and can prevent the number of deaths and hospitalisations associated with asthma,” Christine said.

The education clinic comes in response to the unprecedented the thunderstorm asthma outbreak in 2016, which killed 10 people and hospitalised 8,500.

To make a booking for the asthma education clinic, people can call 1300 637 744. Health professionals can refer to the clinic online.

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