Diabetes Victoria and the benefits of peer support

  7 September 2020  Diabetes Victoria   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

The Diabetes Victoria ‘Benefits of Peer Support’ video is designed to support health professionals in recommending peer support to their clients. The four-minute video highlights the benefits of peer support whilst addressing the potential concerns health professionals may have.

Peer support can provide people with diabetes with the information and emotional support they need to successfully manage their condition. In the video, Erin speaks about the importance of connecting with other mums whose children have diabetes and GP Ralph Audehm talks about the short amount of time he has with his patients and their need for additional support.

Watch the video and find out more below:

Diabetes Victoria is connected to over 90 peer support groups. To find out more and which groups are near you, visit our website at www.diabetesvic.org.au/peer-support-groups or contact the Peer Support team at peersupportgroups@diabetesvic.org.au .

Diabetes Victoria has other programs and services to support people living with diabetes as well as the health professionals who support them. To find out more visit our website at www.diabetesvic.org.auor contact Claire Rickard, Primary Care Engagement Coordinator at crickard@diabetesvic.org.au.

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