Congratulations Robyn Saunders, winner of the Victorian Pharmacist Medal!

Group photo with Robyn Saunders, Winner of the Victorian Pharmacist Medal
  28 November 2018  NWMPHN   

A big congratulations to Robyn Saunders, who was presented with The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s Victorian Pharmacist Medal last week at the 2018 Victorian Pharmacists’ Dinner.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia is the peak national organisation for pharmacists, with their president Benjamin Marchant presententing Ms Saunders with the award.

Ms Saunders, a consultant pharmacist, has spent the majority of her career working towards improving the quality of aged care services in and around Melbourne.

Ms Saunders begun her career as a hospital pharmacist at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, establishing the drug information centre. It was here that her interested in the ageing population fully formed, as her work was mainly centered around the care of veterans.

Ms Saunders eventually partnered with fellow pharmacist Jenny Gowan and worked with her to establish MediCom Medication Services, a company that provides clinical services to residential care facilities and medication education. MediCom endeavors to provide training for young pharmacists moving into residential care in order to encourage them in their careers and improve standards of pharmaceutical care.

Along with this, Ms Saunders has worked with software developers to create a cloud-based tool platform called QUMulus, a system that provides medication guides, clinical auditing tools and drug information for consultant pharmacists.

Ms Saunders has also been involved in practice research projects in Quality Use of Medicines and medication management.

North Western Melbourne PHN, along with Robert James Lawyers, Monash University and Pharmaceutical Defence Limited provide ongoing support of this annual celebration.