Clinical update from the colorectal clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital

  5 December 2022  The Royal Melbourne Hospital   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

The colorectal clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital has provided an update for clinicians.


The surgical head of unit and colorectal liaison nurse now have more resources for triage.

Appropriate patients are identified during triage for a rapid phone clinic appointment by the liaison nurse. During the phone appointment, the nurse collects further information from the patient, provides information about their condition, conservative management advice, answers any initial questions and orders investigations.


Patients receive quicker initial contact and investigations, and more information is available to the surgeon before the colorectal clinic appointment takes place, if it is still required


Recent improvement initiatives at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) have focused on timely patient access to the colorectal clinic. Wait time for patients to be seen by the colorectal service have increased due to increased referrals and restrictions on face-to-face clinics during COVID-19.

Over the past 5 months, the colorectal clinic analysed their referral and waitlist management systems and considered more efficient, effective pathways of care for their patients. The overall aim is to improve how resources and service demand are matched to provide patients timely access to care.

Colorectal liaison nurse contact details

The new colorectal liaison nurse provides a direct point of contact for patients and GP referrers into the colorectal service at RMH. You can contact the colorectal liaison nurse for information about referral status, or if a patient deteriorates.

Contact Tracey Laker, the colorectal liaison nurse on phone: 03 9342 7331, mobile: 0427 277671 or email:

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