Canberra uni research on bacterial infections needs your help

  27 November 2023  Dhakshila Niyangoda, Faculty of Health at the University of Canberra   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Bacterial skin infections, especially impetigo, are rising concerns in Australia, with one in 4 Australians affected.

Dhakshila Niyangoda from the Faculty of Health at the University of Canberra is part of a team delving into treatment strategies, revealing gaps in effective treatments.

A recent survey by the team highlighted family challenges, including school exclusions and treatment dissatisfaction. Now Dhakshila and her colleagues want to hear from health care professionals remains uncharted. The team is now initiating discussions and interviews to understand clinicians’ experiences and strategies.

General practitioners, nurse practitioners, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners are invited to participate in an online survey. You can find it here.

Also, please register your email address for an interview or a focused group discussion through this website.

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