Beyond Now suicide safety planning app

  7 May 2021  Black Dog Institute

A regular column by Dr Jan Orman to help you get to know about the reliable evidence-based Australian online resources for mental health care.

Most of us have become familiar with the concept of suicide safety planning.

It is an evidence-based strategy to help people move through periods of suicidal thinking and fight suicidal impulses.

Safety planning is designed to be done collaboratively with a health practitioner but there are downsides to doing a plan on a piece of paper. Paper plans can get lost and tattered and are not protected from prying eyes.

Beyond Blue has sponsored the development of the Beyond Now App which provides a smart phone-based template for safety planning. It guides people step-by-step through the safety planning process, making helpful suggestions along the way. The plan made on the app can also be edited and shared.

Putting together a safety plan with someone is both a learning exercise for you and a therapeutic intervention.

You can find out more about the safety planning and the app on the Beyond Blue website.

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