Art bombing for better mental health

Manny Sison
  7 October 2021  NWMPHN   

When Brimbank-based artist Manny Sison took part in the seventh exhibition of his work earlier this year, he posted on Instagram, “I love the odd numbers, because I am one!”

Now Manny’s art is set to be exhibited in a very different way – in public spaces around Brimbank as part of NWMPHN’s new “art bomb” project to raise awareness of suicide prevention activities.

The project aims to commission artists who have lived experience of mental health challenges to create works that draw attention to the reality of suicide and suicidal thinking.

Each set of artworks, known as an art bomb, will help bridge the gaps between the broader community and those who have confronted thoughts of suicide. The aim is to change perceptions around this difficult but critically important subject by exploring skilled and deeply personal explorations of trauma and recovery.

“The six pieces I will be making explore different ways in which loneliness, anxiety and bottling up emotions can impact one’s mental health,” says Manny.

“I often use universal symbols and metaphors in my work in accessible ways to increase the chances of connecting with people. The pieces will start as concept sketches and turn into layered paper illustrations.”

The artworks will be accompanied by QR codes, which open doorways to crisis services, facts about mental health in Melton and Brimbank, and more details about NWMPHN’s work with the community to improve and better integrate suicide prevention services. 


Watch out for more details about Manny’s marvellous art bomb, coming soon.

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