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People experiencing homelessness

What is it?

Homelessness is a major issue for a number of local government areas (LGAs) in the North Western Melbourne Primary Health catchment.

The 2011 Census reported that an estimated 7,761 were homeless in the region. This corresponds to a rate of homelessness of 52.9 people per 10,000 population, higher than the Victorian average of 42.6 people per 10,000. The real current figure is likely to be much higher.

Inner city LGAs have a relatively large homeless population when compared to Victorian levels (42.6 per 10,000 population):

  • Melbourne (141)
  • Yarra (114)
  • Maribyrnong (98.5)

However, some outer areas such as Darebin (72.7), Brimbank (61.3), Moreland (53.1) and Hume (50.5) are also above the state average.

Melbourne has a relatively large concentration of community services that draw people to the city in search of support, including health, education and housing. Data from the 2011 census indicated that an estimated 1,233 people were homeless in Melbourne. The current number is likely to be much higher.

Key areas of need reflect this demographic profile, and include services targeting mental health, alcohol and drugs, sexual health, and immunisation rates.

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