04 Oct 2018
06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
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Available to
General Practitioners
Professional development points
Advanced Neurosurgery invites GPs to attend a free educational dinner.

This educational dinner will aim to discuss various aspects of management of back pain and headache in the General Practice setting and also give local GPs an insight into the Neurosurgical Spine and Back Pain clinic for public patients at the Northern Hospital.


  • Process for GPs to refer patients to The Northern Hospital Public Neurosurgical Spine Clinic including back pain triage – Who and How?
  • Assessment and management of back pain in general practice and surgical options for treatment of back pain
  • Multi-disciplinary pain management for back pain in general practice
  • Management of headache in the General Practice setting
Speakers include Mr.Yagnesh Vellore, Neurosurgeon (surgical options for back pain), Dr. Debo Gorai, Neurologist ( management of headache in the GP setting), Dr. Guy Buchanan, Pain Physician (management of chronic pain and back pain) and Mr. Tom Collins, senior lead physiotherapist (Neurosurgical Public Spine and Back pain clinic at the Northern Hospital: how does it work and how to refer).

Matteo's Restaurant Fitzroy North