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Increase influenza vaccination recording for patients over 65

About this activity

Use the QI template below to record influenza vaccinations for patients over 65 and meet the requirements for the PIP QI Incentive.

Increase the percentage of patients over 65 years of age who have had an influenza vaccination recorded in the past 15 months.
Pen CAT4 measure: Percentage of patients over 65 with an influenza vaccination recorded in the past 15 months.
Improvement ideas
  • Conduct a targeted blitz to ask all patients over 65 about influenza vaccination.
  • Use Pen CAT4 to pull a list of patients over 65 who have not had a flu vaccination in the past 15 months and send an SMS or email reminder to encourage them to book in for a flu shot.
  • Use additional Pen CAT4 filters to identify harder to reach groups in your clinic (for example: speakers of languages other than English) and consider how you might be able to reach them.

Download the QI activity template below for more improvement ideas.

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QI Activity Template – PIP QI Measure 4 Influenza recording 65+  (638 KB)

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