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Increase cervical screening rates in your practice

About this activity

Use the QI template below to increase cervical screening and meet the requirements for the PIP QI Incentive.

Note: From 1 July 2022, National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP) expanded screening test options, offering self-collection as a choice to all people participating in cervical screening. The change means all NCSP participants aged 25 to 74 years old have the choice to screen using either a self-collected vaginal sample or a clinician collected sample from the cervix, accessed through a health professional in both cases.

This activity can be used for both clinician-collected and self-collected samples.

Increase the percentage of eligible patients aged 25 to 74 years who have had a cervical screen within the past 5 years.
Pen CAT4 measure: Percentage of eligible patients who have had a cervical screen in the last 5 years.
Improvement ideas
  • Use Pen CAT4 to pull the list of eligible patients who have not had a cervical screen or are overdue for a cervical screen.
  • Identify specific groups to provide a more tailored approach. 
  • Raise awareness of cervical screening and your quality improvement activity using social media and posters.  
  • Use action prompts or Topbar to alert clinicians when a patient is due for cervical screening. 
  • Use prompt cards at reception to prompt patients to discuss cervical screening with their GP.

Download the QI template below for more improvement ideas.

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QI Activity Template – PIP QI Measure 9 Increase cervical screening  (642 KB)

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