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Increase cardiovascular risk recording in your practice

About this activity

Use the QI template below to better record patients’ cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors and meet the requirements for the PIP QI Incentive.

Increase the percentage of Indigenous patients 35–74 and non-Indigenous patients 45–74 with cardiovascular risk factors recorded.
Percentage of target patients with all risk factors recorded.
Improvement ideas
  • Use Pen CAT4 to identify and recall patients who are missing cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Identify gaps in CVD factor recording on an opportunistic basis, or consider inviting patients for a ‘Heart Health Check’ in line with the MBS item 699 descriptor.
  • Add an action prompt at an agreed place on the clinical software to alert clinicians to assess the missing risk factors.
  • Install Topbar. This will help to alert you when a patient is missing clinical information which contributes to CVD risk calculation.

Download the QI template below for more improvement ideas.

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QI Activity Template – PIP QI Measure 8 Increase CVD risk recording  (639 KB)

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