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Identify and manage patients with Long COVID

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Use the QI template below to identify and manage patients with Long COVID.

Identify patients who have a previous diagnosis of COVID-19 and support those experiencing long COVID symptoms.
Pen CAT4 measure: Percentage of patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19 who have been assessed for Long COVID symptoms.
Improvement ideas
  • Use Pen CAT4 to pull a list of patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19:
    • In Filters: In the General tab, click ‘Active (3x in 2 yrs)’. In the Conditions tab, click on the Other tab. Click COVID-19 –> Yes. Click Recalculate.
    • In the row of icons at the top of the screen, click View Population and print or save the list.
  • Decide how you will recall the patients on the list (for example: phone call, SMS, email or letter), your strategy (what you will say)and how you will divide the tasks.
  • A practice nurse could do a pre-assessment via phone to identify those experiencing long COVID symptoms, then invite them to see the GP for further support.
  • When the patient is with the clinician refer to the Long COVID HealthPathway to assist with support and referral decisions.
  • Consider setting up an assessment autofill for long COVID symptoms. Refer to this guide for Best Practice, MedicalDirector and ZedMed. If you implement the autofill, make sure this is communicated with all clinicians.

Download the QI template below for more improvement ideas.

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