Topbar brochure for general practices and Aboriginal Medical Services

Topbar is a clinical decision support system. It’s designed to assist medical practitioners at the point of care – when they’re seeing a patient. Using both their own knowledge and Topbar, physicians can make better decisions based on data. We provide all accredited general practices in our region with free access to Topbar as part … Continued

Using Pen CAT for quality improvement (webinar 16 February 2022)

  This session was designed to train practice staff in the use of clinical support tools (CAT4) for quality improvement and discussion support at the point of care. Watch the education and demonstration by Pen CS trainer Manfred Queteschiner as he takes you through the different tools and have your questions around the use of … Continued

Quality Improvement: Closing the Gap Workbook

Primary care providers have an important role in Closing the Gap – a National Agreement, and commitment by the Australian Government to achieve health equality and to improve the health, wellbeing, life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within a generation. For general practices, making changes to support Closing the Gap include better patient identification, chronic disease prevention and management, and delivery of culturally appropriate care. There are more than 10,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our region. This Closing … Continued

Using PenCS in your practice: PIP QI measures (webinar 27 October 2021)

Want to know more about the Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement (PIP QI) Incentive? This webinar focused on quality improvement and what you need to do to ensure your practice is on track against the 10 PIP QI Measures.

Using PenCS in your practice: cancer screening (webinar 20 October 2021)

This session was designed to upskill practice staff on how to use clinical support tools to identify and recall eligible patients for cancer screening. Presented by Pen CS trainer Manfred Queteschiner and North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network quality improvement officer Juliet Fieldew.

Diabetes (types 1 and 2) Quality Improvement Workbook for General Practice

General practices play a pivotal role to diagnose, treat and educate people with diabetes to manage their conditions and avoid complications. General practices can also help people prevent developing type 2 diabetes with the right advice, care and targeted health promotion. This workbook has been created by general practice, for general practice, with input from … Continued

Using Pen CAT Plus in your practice: immunisation and vaccination (20 July 2021 webinar)

This webinar was designed to improve the skills of general practice staff in how to use clinical support tools to identify and recall eligible patients for vaccines and immunisations.

Introduction to Pen CS: CAT4 (13 July 2021 webinar)

This 45-minute interactive webinar is designed to train practice staff in the basic key functions and use of the clinical support tool, CAT4, for quality improvement.

Pen CS CAT Plus Health Informatics Software Booklet for General Practices and Aboriginal Medical Services

The Pen CS ecosystem facilitates secure healthcare data sharing of more than 22 million patient records per month from over 14,000 doctors and 6,000 general practices and Aboriginal Medical Services, across Australia. It enables health care providers to use data insights to improve patient outcomes and drive quality improvement.

NWMPHN QI Record for general practice

By documenting Quality Improvement activities, your practices can build on improvements every year. Keeping a record of each QI also helps to keep your team approach and learnings in one place. NWMPHN has developed this Quality Improvement Record template for practices to use, for any QI activity small or large.  This template is a simple … Continued