Our approach to feedback from general practice

  29 June 2020  NWMPHN Primary Health Care Improvement Team   

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) encourages submission of feedbackcompliments and complaints such as: 

  • A compliment that acknowledges the good work performed by the organisation and our people. 
  • A complaint or a suggestion for improvement that helps us improve our projects, processes and service delivery, and internal policies and procedures. 

NWMPHN has an internal Feedback and Complaint Policy to:

  • Ensure that feedback and complaints from stakeholders concerning the activities of the organisation, are noted and appropriately addressed. Our stakeholders include users of our funded services, employees, contractors, general practices that we serve, communities and the general public. 
  • Ensure that all feedback and complaints are captured enabling NWMPHN to take appropriate action. Compliments are noted and used to inform future service delivery. Complaints are investigated and documented, and solutions are found to prevent recurrence, including follow up to confirm resolution. 

How can you submit feedback, compliments, or complaints?  

  • Respond to our Primary Care Engagement Survey (see below). 
  • Through the online forms on our website for feedback and complaints. 
  • Respond to an evaluation form after attending an event or webinar. 
  • Providing feedback on our General Practice Newsletter 
  • Talking to your relationship manager or emailing us at primarycare@nwmphn.org.au  

More about our Primary Care Engagement Survey 

NWMPHN views all feedback from our general practices and stakeholders, both positive and constructive, as a valuable source of information that contributes to learning, growth and opportunities for improvement.   

The Primary Care Engagement Survey is an automated feedback form containing five short questions delivered to you by email. This survey will be emailed to primary care providers we have recently been in touch with, either over the phone, through email correspondence or have visited face-to-face. The survey will only be disseminated once every eight weeks and all responses will remain confidential.  

For more information, please contact Jessica Holman, Manager Primary Health Care Improvement by email to jessica.holman@nwmphn.org.au