New HealthPathways app available on TopBar

  12 July 2022  HealthPathways Melbourne   

The HealthPathways app is now available on Topbar for Pen CS users.

For general practices with access to Pen CS Topbar, the HealthPathways website is now one click away with the new addition of the HealthPathways App.

Clicking on the HealthPathways app will open the HealthPathways website without a need to log in – making it quick and easy for clinicians to access the resources available in HealthPathways.

HealthPathways is a free online portal for general practices and other health professionals to be used at the point of care. It provides easily accessible, current, and evidence-based information regarding the assessment and management of conditions, as well as localised referral resources.

How to find the HealthPathways App

The HealthPathways app is pre-installed for all practices who already using Topbar. You will find it in the New Apps section.

Not using Topbar?

Topbar is a clinical decision support system for practices using Pen CS. It is designed to assist GPs at the point of care – when they’re seeing a patient. Using both their own knowledge and Topbar, GPs can make better decisions based on data.

Topbar users can access a wide range of apps, allowing them to customise the information they receive about each patient. Apps give fast access to information about patients in a clinic’s waiting room, relevant MBS items and other important details.

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) provides all accredited general practices in our region with free access to Topbar as part of the Pen CS suite of digital tools for quality improvement.

For help installing Topbar, log in to or contact Pen CS Support on 1800 762 993.

Visit the NWMPHN website for information on compatibility with your medical software, user guides and more. If you have questions or need support with Pen CS tools, contact NWMPHN on (03) 9347 1188 or email