Expressions of Interest: Older Adults Expert Advisory Group

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Would you like to join our Older Adults Expert Advisory Group?

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) is seeking a primary health care provider from the local government areas in its catchment to join its Older Adults Expert Advisory Group (OAEAG).

The person we are seeking:

  • is passionate about improving patient care and health service delivery for older adults
  • is committed to driving health reform
  • is interested in innovation
  • embraces the principles of safe, coordinated, accessible and person-centred care
  • is willing to share, collaborate and inspire others
  • understands the health needs of older people in the NWMPHN region.

Primary health care providers who are new to their profession, emerging leaders, or who have already worked with NWMPHN are all encouraged to apply. You do not need previous experience in clinical leadership, advisory groups or primary health networks.

What does the OAEAG do?

The OAEAG aims to ensure NWMPHN’s operational and strategic decisions and actions improve health systems and outcomes for older people.

It ensures we are informed by community and clinical subject matter expertise, grounded in local real-world experience and with a systems view. It helps us to better meet the population health needs of our growing region.

Current membership comprises 9 people, including general practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, researchers and health service managers.

The group is tasked with:

  • Providing expert input and advice into NWMPHN’s work concerning older adults work, ensuring alignment with the quintuple aim of health care that guides all our work.
  • Identifying issues and emerging opportunities for the older adult sector to inform NWMPHN’s role, planning and advocacy.
  • Offering advice to NWMPHN on strategies to support the implementation of its work, including how to inform, educate, and engage relevant stakeholders effectively.
  • Engaging with community and sector networks to ensure depth and insight across the region, recognising the diversity of individuals and communities.
  • Collaborating with key NWMPHN personnel to provide advice on activities in which members have specialist interest or expertise.

Your role as a member of OAEAG

You will be expected to:

  • Attend 4 meetings a year, each on a weekday between 4pm and 5:30pm, and complete any pre-reading beforehand.
  • Contribute your professional opinion and advice based on your experience in the older adult space.
  • Contribute effectively to the items presented for discussion and feedback.

All meetings are planned as hybrid, using Microsoft Teams. However, sometimes face-to-face meetings may be held at the NWMPHN office in Docklands.

Membership terms run for 24 months. Participants may be reviewed from time to time to ensure the group continues to meet NWMPHN’s needs, has the right skills and capability mix, and offers opportunities for others to contribute.

Members may be invited for reappointment for additional terms.


All OAEAG members are remunerated for their attendance in accordance with NWMPHN Stakeholder Reimbursement Policy. If members are salaried or remunerated by other organisations for their time on the OAEAG, no further remuneration from NWMPHN shall apply. Members are required to declare this to NWMPHN when responding to this EOI. Online reading, work and communication required between workshops which is remunerated at the same rate.

How can you be involved?

If you are interested in joining the OAEAG, please complete and return the application form.

Applications close 5pm, Friday, 14 June 2024.

For more information contact:

Semee Park

Program Support Office, Integrated Care


Phone: (03) 9347 1188