General practice: evaluation and management of unilateral pleural effusion (23 May 2023)

A pleural effusion is an abnormal build-up of fluid around the lungs and can be a sign of serious illness. This webinar offers an overview of recent advancements in diagnosis and management.

New Brimbank mental health hub: Interactive forum for clinicians (24 May 2023)

This session will introduce the Brimbank Local including the services offered, information on referral and eligibility and current wait times. The session will also provide an opportunity for GPs and other clinicians to outline how they would like to be involved in their patients care, including opportunities to contribute to multidisciplinary team care planning and … Continued

Contraception Overview for GPs (11 May 2023)

An overview of contraceptive options with an emphasis on new methods available and complex situations.

Advanced accreditation for general practices (4 May 2023)

This session is designed for experienced practices who have already undergone successful accreditation and are seeking to improve their accreditation performance. It is assumed that attendees have a solid foundation and understanding of the ‘RACGP Standards for general practices (5th edition)’.

Early Medical Abortion of Pregnancy: Case Studies and Complexities – An information evening for GPs, nurses and pharmacists (18 April 2023)

This session will build on information provided in the June session, and will include: • an overview of training requirements for providing early medical abortion • an update on early medical abortion procedures, practice experiences, and support and referral pathways for GPs and nurses who currently provide or are motivated to provide early medical abortion … Continued

Paediatric Developmental Hip Dysplasia – A GP update (20 April 2023)

The aim of this session will be to provide education on developmental hip dysplasia (DDH) clinics at Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Western Health. As well as the advanced practice physiotherapist’s role in the DDH clinics, how DDH is diagnosed, assessed and managed, and referral pathways for GPs.

Digital communication: Introducing video telehealth visits and My Health Record with your patients (4 April 2023)

This webinar focuses on the benefits, barriers and considerations of telehealth consultations in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) and how My Health Record can complement telehealth consultations to improve quality of life and care coordination.

Common and challenging conditions in the care of older patients in general practice: chronic wounds and delirium

The Western Health Geriatrics team will provide an update of two common and challenging conditions in the care of older patients. We will outline how to assess and manage chronic wounds, including the appropriate dressings to be used. An update of the assessment and management of a patient with delirium will also be provided, including … Continued

Supporting practices with accreditation basics (29 March 2023)

This session provides a broad overview of the RACGP Standards for general practices (5th edition) accreditation. It is particularly suited to new practice managers and staff embarking on their first accreditation, as well as others wanting to refresh their understanding.

Navigating the National Screening Program: How to optimise the use of self-collection and manage your patients’ follow-up (29 March 2023)

This session will look at optimising the use of the self-collection option for cervical screening in primary care and the advantages and disadvantages of the method, so you can effectively support your patient to make informed choice. We will also look at management and options for abnormal self-collection result follow up, recent introduction of new … Continued