Priority Primary Care Centre: Information session with the Royal Children’s Hospital (7 Dec 2022)

Earlier in December, NWMPHN invited expressions of interest from eligible primary care providers to establish a priority primary care centre (PPCC) co-located with the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne in Parkville. This information session for general practices was an opportunity to learn more about site requirements and the commissioning and contracting process. It will also build … Continued

Peter Mac cancer series- Benign breast disease, high breast cancer risk and soft tissue sarcoma (30 Nov 2022)

Peter Mac GP Cancer Education Series is designed to contribute to the promotion of best-practice care by general practitioners. Knowledge of advances in the assessment and management of different cancers will enhance the general practitioner’s clinical knowledge and their understanding of their role in managing their patients’ cancer journey in partnerships with specialists and other … Continued

Early stage lung cancer – advances in diagnosis and management (29 November 2022)

This session aims to enhance the knowledge base of general practitioners regarding recent advances in detection, diagnosis and management of early stage lung cancer. This will be discussed in the context of the local environment and services available at Northern Health.

HIV Virtual Elimination – Topical Session (21 November 2022)

This session will explore how far we have come with Virtual Elimination in Australia, and how Virtual Elimination can be supported in primary care practice. Facilitators: A/Prof Edwina Wright, a HIV Clinician and Researcher, Chair of the HIV Working Group of the Victorian Health Department’s Committee on Blood Borne Viruses and STIs, the Lead for … Continued

Virtual Fracture Clinic and Basic Fracture Management in the Adult Population (17 November 2022)

This session is an introduction to the Virtual Fracture Clinic at Western Health, commonly seen in upper and lower limb fractures and soft tissue injuries, basic fracture management and referral pathways.

Supporting child mental health through a whole of practice approach (15 November 2022)

This session, delivered by Emerging Minds and designed for GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and non-clinical staff working in general practice, will introduce you to the key concepts around supporting infant and child mental health in primary health care practice.

Time mastery in general practice: preserving your most valuable resource (8 November 2022)

Improve time effectiveness, reduce wasted time and reduce the propensity for people to ‘burn out’ as is common right know. There are more and more demands on the time of every team in general practice now. Our admin, nursing, and GP teams are swamped. This has resulted in people leaving the sector and making it … Continued

Online forum: Hon Ged Kearney MP discusses women’s health and Federal Budget – 2 November 2022

Organised by North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN), the event saw Minister Kearney – a keen advocate for building women’s health services across Australia – answer questions from participants across the western and northern suburbs. The event was hosted by NWMPHN Chair of the Board, Ines Rio. The Minister also welcomed questions on the … Continued

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (12 October 2022)

This webinar aims to increase awareness of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) as a diagnosis and its links to ‘long COVID’, as well as improve GP capability in diagnosing and managing ME/CFS patients.

Flashes, Floaters and Blurring (18 October 2022)

An interactive webinar by a specialist ophthalmologist from the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, for GPs to improve their knowledge and skills in the assessment of patients with visual flashes, floaters, blurring and loss.